Learn to play Blackjack with these simple steps

Blackjack is one of the popular casino games with real winnings. If you are a beginner, Ioncasino offer some details and game rules that will help you learn the principles of this game. Based on them, you can develop your own strategy!

The objective of the blackjack game

The objective of the Blackjack game is to collect cards the value of which is equal to or closest to 21. If the amount is exceeded, then that hand is deemed to have been lost. Winners, ladies and kings are worth every 10 points each. Thenit can be either 1 point or 11 points, depending on the value that is most advantageous for the game. It is certainly worth 1, if it has a value of 11, then the total would exceed 21.

The Blackjack game uses 8 packs of playing cards, each with 52 cards. A division is allowed, and limitation of the number of books can be done through the Stand option.

Game options

Double bet – doubles the bet amount. It is important to note that the loss of this bet leads to both double value loss and initial value loss. By ticking this option, a card is dealt, and then the game will be stopped, only receiving the doubling option.

Split – apply to games where you have a double, so they will be separated into two different hands. Each separate hand can receive as many cards as you like, unless you originally had a double-handed AS. In that case, you will also receive a double for each hand.With just a little exercise, you’ll get the expert too!


Are the payouts of Blackjack really important?

Yes, they are important. Changing the blackjack payment to only 6: 5 gives the casino an increase of 1.39% on the house’s profit. This is why it is used to counteract the player’s advantage of so-called “permissive” games. No change to blackjack rules gives the house as much advantage as it gives the croupier’s permission to win draws.

How important is the number of Blackjack packages

For the average blackjack player who does not count the cards, the importance is insignificant in terms of expected return and house advantage. But bookkeepers want as few packages as possible to simplify their counting.

What is the” burning of cards “at Blackjack?

Some blackjack tables have a practice to remove the first card from each new set before starting the game. Rules for showing this book vary from place to place, sometimes from one crater to another. Those who count books would, of course, like to see the deleted book, but generally do not consider it a big problem if they cannot, because there are usually a number of books under the eliminated book that they will never see.